Terms & Conditions




Ordering by Precious Jewel


·         By placing an order you acknowledge that you are accepting the terms and coditins of Precious jewel agreement.

·         You are required to accept the delivery of the ordered items and to pay.

·         Items that we have sent cannot be exchanged or returned (excl any damage: see further provisions)

·         All goods remain the property of Precious Jewel wholesale until full payment.

·         Exceeding the deliveryterms does not entitle you to compensation or the right to cancel your order or to dissolve the agreement.



Guarantee by Precious Jewel


Obviously, your order is executed by Precious Jewel with the utmost care. If there are any unexpected problems with your order, the following provisions shall apply:


·         Sending return is only possible if exhibiting your product on delivery material defects. You must contact us asap.

·         Complaints that are not made within 48 hours after delivery of the order will not be accept anymore (This is necessary to prevent abuse.) So check your order always carefully after you receive it.

·         Items that you have already sold to your customer  are beyond any form of guarantee.

·         If you receive any broken or damaged  items we will recalculate this with your next order. 

·         Complaints can be reported by sendig an email to the following e-mailadres: info@preciousjewel.nl or phone +31 (0) 20-8110551.